Thursday, December 2, 2010

"i never wanted to fit in any place except your heart.."

Well its been a longgggg while since i've done this. Less than 2 weeks and im home, for good. It's bitter sweet. Don't get me wrong i hate this place with a PASSION and im so excited to start my life with David, but i've made some incredible friends here that i will miss like crazy. 26 days and i will officailly be Jennah Lee Murray. Weird huh? Everything happened so fast, but its amazing and im so lucky. Today hasn't been the best. David got phased back to phase 1 day 1 AGAIN. His roommate had crumbs by his bed so now we can't go register or anything, we have to do it all online. awesome. I get my wedding dress tomorrow at 2:30 im pretty excited:D I am so excited to go home, i really don't enjoy this place. Not that  its an ideal situation to live with your parents right after your married, but i miss them a lot and it'll be a nice couple of months. In march i move to Florida for 6 not excited. But it'll be with the love of my life so it won't be completely terrible. Im just so excited to start my life with him but first i must write two papers and complete a project and take an exam. Oh the joys of college. i have laundry to attend to, so latuuhh suckas.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

he liked it, so he put a ring on it!

IM ENGAGEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! So exciting, it was the best weekend everrr. My ring is beautiful, but it was wayy to big so i went to get it sized and i won't have it back until the 29th:( sad day. The big day is December 28, 2010! Less than two months and I will be a married woman! Crazy!! Its so exciting but getting all these wedding plans together so soon is killing me, its so incredibly stressful. I had no idea how much crap went into something that lasts for maybe an hour. But it'll be fun. Sad part of all of this is im not going to be able to come back to SNU second semester...well not really sad. I don't exactly like this place but im reallyyy going to miss my friends. They keep me sane. We've become so close and now i have to go, but this is God's will for my life and im so excited to start my life with David!! Pretty excited that i have NO classes tomorrow(: im sleeping innnnnnnnn. latuhh suckas.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

"please don't tell me that i'm the only one thats vulnerable.."

Well the weekend was pretty fantastic. Friday, SNL was epic. 90's boy bands and Uncle Ronnie and the sockless hobos made my life. After that Jenna and I dyed Jen's hair. It looks AMAZING. We are pros. Then we colored my hair with crayola markers. classic. Ate at beverlys and had an amazing pancake egg bacon sandwich. Saturday i was awakened by the tornado sirens, like always. Jen and I went all over town, walmart for tires and what not. Ran into my dads ex wife, weird but pleasant. Sat at sonic for an hour taking epic pictures and a video "back streets back ALRIGHT" Jenna, Jen, and I went to get cory's haircut. Fail. Made it back for dinner, which was amazing. Weird quesadilla thing, with cheese, ham, black beans, and corn. AMAZING. Then went choir shoe, bow, hat shopping. After we got back, Jenna and I went back to walmart with michelle, and got hair dye to dye her hair. We are officially amazing at it. Want your hair dyed? We got you. Night ended on a bad note, but we fixed everything(: Jenna and I went to Lakeview Park this morning for church, it was good but i miss my church so much. Slept for like 4 and 1/2 hours which was great. Currently in the basement doing laundry with no phone service, i hate this place. If david calls while im down here i'll be extremely upset. Im missing him a lot today but then i realize only 12 days and i get to see him! 3 DAYS TILL FALL BREAK and im SO EXCITED. Sleepover with my bffffffff on thursday night(: and a whole lot of time with my parents. Well im hungry and ready for this crap to be dryed. Latuuhh suckas.

Monday, October 11, 2010

"I never wanted to fit in any place except your heart..."

I haven't blogged in like 20 years. As of right now i hate everything about this place. The commons sucks, the laptop center sucks, the stairs suck, the mail system sucks, and the fact that i am 6 hours from my family sucks. 9 days and im home, pretty sure im not gonna want to come back, but what else is new. The "college experience" is not at all what its cracked up to be. I could live without it. Jenna, Derek, Cory and Jen are the only good thing thats happened since the SNU adventure started. This past summer i thought i was so ready to leave everyone behind and get out of Temple, but being here makes me realize how amazing Temple really is and how grateful i am for the parents i have. I enjoy living outside of the house, but just not here. This place just isn't for me. I was ready to move out of my parents house, but this isn't what i wanted to move in to. 19 days and i get to see the love of my life. Im so excited, these past two months have been the longeset months of my life. I never realized how precious talking to him was until we couldn't talk anymore. Olive garden was ridiculously hilarious last night. David the waiter and the random police man made my life. Went to block buster the other night with Derek and bought 8 mile, i loveeee that movie. Watched chick flicks all day saturday with the girls. I've never cried so much in one day. Also watched the worlds worst movie. But ya know, they can't all be winners. So i wore my two favorite socks today only to realize that they BOTH have huge holes on the heels. Sad day. Went with Jenna to get her laptop fixed today, saw some interesting people. Woke up 15 min before comp today, needless to say i looked like crap all day. So now im gonna go get the cat babies out of my hair. latuhhh suckas.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

"...thats why my bars are full of broken bottles and my nightstands are full of open bibles.."

I am home! I've missed this place more than i even realized. It's nice to sleep in a bed thats not hard as a rock. My parents are just awesome and my friends. I just wanna move back here and go to tc. The funeral today was sad but beautiful. It was a celebration of an amazing woman's life. She will be greatly missed, but she is in a better place. The preacher for the service talked about what does God look like? Well he was so right, God looks like Dolores Berry, she was the most Godly woman i've ever known. Her and her onion soup ha. Im going to killeen tomorrow with my momma to shop and just hang out. Then its volleyball night with my favorite people at church. I finished all my forum crap at like 8, thats deffinitely a new record. My voice teacher called today and wants me to sing the solo for church sunday morning. So im singing Hope Now, i've sung it like 384908239048 times but he asked for that song. Im dreading sunday afternoon. I do not want to go back to SNU, i seriously want to move back here. I miss it like crazy. I can go to my room without climbing a million stairs and i can eat food without getting sick. Im going to sleep now. latuuhhhh.

Monday, September 27, 2010

"the stars are holding you tonight.."

This weekend was pretty horrible. MC Hammer was lame, but had i had fun with Derek and Jenna. Saturday i did absolutely nothing, which was great. I slept and slept and showered and slept and ate and slept(: 1:50 a.m. my mom called me and told me that Dolores had passed away. I still can't believe it. She was so much fun to be around, loved to play the piano, loved her family, church and most of all her God. She's in a better place, but greatly missed. I can't even imagine losing my mother. I feel terrible for chris but he's strong. Sunday wasn't good either, my eyes were almost swollen shut, Calvary just made me miss my church even more. Bought a new hair straightener which is legit. I had no class today which was amazing. Chapel was awesome, John M. Perkins is amazing and so interesting, im considering going back to here him again tonight. Im really excited about going home on Wednesday, i'll have 3 full days with my family, i wish it were for different circumstances but everything happens for a reason. Im just ready to be in Temple, Texas, away from obnoxious people. I get to see david in 32 days(: Hope to hear from him soon. Doing laundry with Jenna, eating left over chipotle, life is good(:

Friday, September 24, 2010

why don't we just dance?

STATE FAIR TONIGHTTTTTT! I love Josh Turner:D And im eating a bunch of random fried foods tonight with Derek and Jennah. Woke up sick so i didnt make my meeting with Prof. Lee, but my amazing best friend Jenna took my assignment to him! Comp was legit! Only took like 30 min and there is no comp class on monday which means, i have no classs, well besides chapel! Got another amazing letter from davidkyle today! I miss him so much. Talked to his dad and sister, i'll be getting the graduation information tonight(: So excited. Got cory's hair cut yesterday, the lady was a rude butt. Had lucky charms for lunch! So excited about going home next weekend! I miss my parents and marissarae! Fan clubs should be outlawed. Bought some cranberry grape juice, its yummy. Tomorrow were going shopping and eating at panera. Calvary on sunday with Jennah. 35 days till i see david. :D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wacky wednesday.

First off I'd like to say WAY TO GO CORY for putting the sticker on jen's back..again. I laughed hysterically. Comp was pretty legit today, it only lasted 30 min. Everything at lunch looked digusting so i ate cinnamon toast crunch. nutrious lunch? Studied with Jenna for awhile and then went to panda express for REAL food. Bought a really pretty picture frame for me and david's picture. Got all my financial aid mess taken care of, so now i don't need a job and im stoked. 7 days till i see my parents(: Totally slept through the bacon text from Derek this morning, so i missed my daily dose of bacon. Completly forgot to go to BFC with cory, i am a jerk, i realize this but thanks for pointing it out cory. Looked at beautiful wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses online with Jenna, we got really excited(: Hopefully i get a letter form davidkyle tomorrow, i miss that kid): I might actually get in bed before 3 tonight which would be nice. I feel like im paying thousands of dollars to eat gross food and not sleep. So im gonna "kick this popsicle stand" as my comp prof would say.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

amazing day and open dorm.

Overslept and woke up 10 minutes before my 9:25 class, fantastic. My hair looked like a cat had layed (laid?) babies in it. Digusting. Chapel was good, i enjoy singing. Govt. was cancelled so that was legit, i made my hair look less like a cat baby nest. Lunch was pretty gross, as usual. Did all my laundry which was RIDICULOUS to carry up and down the MILLIONS of stairs to my room. Put everything away and went to dinner with Jenna, Jen, Derek and Cory. Dinner was gross, again. If they don't put lucky charms back in the cereal containers i might starve. I miss picking out all the yummy marshmallows out of the excess cereal at the bottom with Derek. Open dorm was hilarous as usual. Derek and I cannot beat the dragon on Mahjong Titans, which is depressing. David called and we got to talk for 25 minutes!!! It was awesome to hear his voice, i miss him but only 6 more weeks! Jen and I made bacon, it was delicious. Cory took like a million retarded pictures of us. Derek and I had this hilarious mirror thing going on haha, and he almost peed himself when the guy on fourth kind floated...classic. I love my friends. Our door just closed, on its own. I feel like aliens have invaded. Just discovered that Jen's creepy breathing habits in the middle of the night are most likely her being abducted by aliens, just sayin.

Monday, September 20, 2010

fire and forums.

So sunday was pretty eventful, at 1:30 A.M. i was awakened by my "alarm clock". I tried to turn it off for about 5 minutes, pushing every button i could find until marissa elbowed me to let me know it was the fire alarm, apparently i jumped up and ran leaving her and jen behind. I remember nothing, but if there is ever a real fire i will die. Today was lame, no nap, govt forums suck and dinner was the worst yet. I love college? No. But i would never make it without my amazing friends here. Jen basically makes my day, never a dull moment with her. Best.Roommate.Ever. Jenna is the light of my life(: Never a negative thing to say, she finds the good in everything and everyone (outside of our dumb govt class). And Derek and Cory are weird but possibly the best "man frans" you could ever ask for. I love you guys(:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"I love college ehhhhhhh....."

Chapel was legit, chick fil a was awesome, commons time with cory was fun, dinner was gross, finding blue 7 with cory and derek was interesting, jersey shore was AMAZING, late night was hilarious, finding bugs with derek and jen was terrifying, watching jen drop her laptop was priceless.