Thursday, December 2, 2010

"i never wanted to fit in any place except your heart.."

Well its been a longgggg while since i've done this. Less than 2 weeks and im home, for good. It's bitter sweet. Don't get me wrong i hate this place with a PASSION and im so excited to start my life with David, but i've made some incredible friends here that i will miss like crazy. 26 days and i will officailly be Jennah Lee Murray. Weird huh? Everything happened so fast, but its amazing and im so lucky. Today hasn't been the best. David got phased back to phase 1 day 1 AGAIN. His roommate had crumbs by his bed so now we can't go register or anything, we have to do it all online. awesome. I get my wedding dress tomorrow at 2:30 im pretty excited:D I am so excited to go home, i really don't enjoy this place. Not that  its an ideal situation to live with your parents right after your married, but i miss them a lot and it'll be a nice couple of months. In march i move to Florida for 6 not excited. But it'll be with the love of my life so it won't be completely terrible. Im just so excited to start my life with him but first i must write two papers and complete a project and take an exam. Oh the joys of college. i have laundry to attend to, so latuuhh suckas.