Tuesday, November 9, 2010

he liked it, so he put a ring on it!

IM ENGAGEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! So exciting, it was the best weekend everrr. My ring is beautiful, but it was wayy to big so i went to get it sized and i won't have it back until the 29th:( sad day. The big day is December 28, 2010! Less than two months and I will be a married woman! Crazy!! Its so exciting but getting all these wedding plans together so soon is killing me, its so incredibly stressful. I had no idea how much crap went into something that lasts for maybe an hour. But it'll be fun. Sad part of all of this is im not going to be able to come back to SNU second semester...well not really sad. I don't exactly like this place but im reallyyy going to miss my friends. They keep me sane. We've become so close and now i have to go, but this is God's will for my life and im so excited to start my life with David!! Pretty excited that i have NO classes tomorrow(: im sleeping innnnnnnnn. latuhh suckas.

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