Sunday, October 17, 2010

"please don't tell me that i'm the only one thats vulnerable.."

Well the weekend was pretty fantastic. Friday, SNL was epic. 90's boy bands and Uncle Ronnie and the sockless hobos made my life. After that Jenna and I dyed Jen's hair. It looks AMAZING. We are pros. Then we colored my hair with crayola markers. classic. Ate at beverlys and had an amazing pancake egg bacon sandwich. Saturday i was awakened by the tornado sirens, like always. Jen and I went all over town, walmart for tires and what not. Ran into my dads ex wife, weird but pleasant. Sat at sonic for an hour taking epic pictures and a video "back streets back ALRIGHT" Jenna, Jen, and I went to get cory's haircut. Fail. Made it back for dinner, which was amazing. Weird quesadilla thing, with cheese, ham, black beans, and corn. AMAZING. Then went choir shoe, bow, hat shopping. After we got back, Jenna and I went back to walmart with michelle, and got hair dye to dye her hair. We are officially amazing at it. Want your hair dyed? We got you. Night ended on a bad note, but we fixed everything(: Jenna and I went to Lakeview Park this morning for church, it was good but i miss my church so much. Slept for like 4 and 1/2 hours which was great. Currently in the basement doing laundry with no phone service, i hate this place. If david calls while im down here i'll be extremely upset. Im missing him a lot today but then i realize only 12 days and i get to see him! 3 DAYS TILL FALL BREAK and im SO EXCITED. Sleepover with my bffffffff on thursday night(: and a whole lot of time with my parents. Well im hungry and ready for this crap to be dryed. Latuuhh suckas.


  1. So happy the bad time didn't stick around too long. Love you!