Monday, October 11, 2010

"I never wanted to fit in any place except your heart..."

I haven't blogged in like 20 years. As of right now i hate everything about this place. The commons sucks, the laptop center sucks, the stairs suck, the mail system sucks, and the fact that i am 6 hours from my family sucks. 9 days and im home, pretty sure im not gonna want to come back, but what else is new. The "college experience" is not at all what its cracked up to be. I could live without it. Jenna, Derek, Cory and Jen are the only good thing thats happened since the SNU adventure started. This past summer i thought i was so ready to leave everyone behind and get out of Temple, but being here makes me realize how amazing Temple really is and how grateful i am for the parents i have. I enjoy living outside of the house, but just not here. This place just isn't for me. I was ready to move out of my parents house, but this isn't what i wanted to move in to. 19 days and i get to see the love of my life. Im so excited, these past two months have been the longeset months of my life. I never realized how precious talking to him was until we couldn't talk anymore. Olive garden was ridiculously hilarious last night. David the waiter and the random police man made my life. Went to block buster the other night with Derek and bought 8 mile, i loveeee that movie. Watched chick flicks all day saturday with the girls. I've never cried so much in one day. Also watched the worlds worst movie. But ya know, they can't all be winners. So i wore my two favorite socks today only to realize that they BOTH have huge holes on the heels. Sad day. Went with Jenna to get her laptop fixed today, saw some interesting people. Woke up 15 min before comp today, needless to say i looked like crap all day. So now im gonna go get the cat babies out of my hair. latuhhh suckas.