Thursday, September 30, 2010

"...thats why my bars are full of broken bottles and my nightstands are full of open bibles.."

I am home! I've missed this place more than i even realized. It's nice to sleep in a bed thats not hard as a rock. My parents are just awesome and my friends. I just wanna move back here and go to tc. The funeral today was sad but beautiful. It was a celebration of an amazing woman's life. She will be greatly missed, but she is in a better place. The preacher for the service talked about what does God look like? Well he was so right, God looks like Dolores Berry, she was the most Godly woman i've ever known. Her and her onion soup ha. Im going to killeen tomorrow with my momma to shop and just hang out. Then its volleyball night with my favorite people at church. I finished all my forum crap at like 8, thats deffinitely a new record. My voice teacher called today and wants me to sing the solo for church sunday morning. So im singing Hope Now, i've sung it like 384908239048 times but he asked for that song. Im dreading sunday afternoon. I do not want to go back to SNU, i seriously want to move back here. I miss it like crazy. I can go to my room without climbing a million stairs and i can eat food without getting sick. Im going to sleep now. latuuhhhh.


  1. Hey girl! I miss you :)
    I am looking forward to checking out and not climbing these stairs until Sunday! haha... I hope you have a great rest of the weekend.
    Love you!

  2. No. I'm pretty sure you need to come back.