Tuesday, September 21, 2010

amazing day and open dorm.

Overslept and woke up 10 minutes before my 9:25 class, fantastic. My hair looked like a cat had layed (laid?) babies in it. Digusting. Chapel was good, i enjoy singing. Govt. was cancelled so that was legit, i made my hair look less like a cat baby nest. Lunch was pretty gross, as usual. Did all my laundry which was RIDICULOUS to carry up and down the MILLIONS of stairs to my room. Put everything away and went to dinner with Jenna, Jen, Derek and Cory. Dinner was gross, again. If they don't put lucky charms back in the cereal containers i might starve. I miss picking out all the yummy marshmallows out of the excess cereal at the bottom with Derek. Open dorm was hilarous as usual. Derek and I cannot beat the dragon on Mahjong Titans, which is depressing. David called and we got to talk for 25 minutes!!! It was awesome to hear his voice, i miss him but only 6 more weeks! Jen and I made bacon, it was delicious. Cory took like a million retarded pictures of us. Derek and I had this hilarious mirror thing going on haha, and he almost peed himself when the guy on fourth kind floated...classic. I love my friends. Our door just closed, on its own. I feel like aliens have invaded. Just discovered that Jen's creepy breathing habits in the middle of the night are most likely her being abducted by aliens, just sayin.

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