Monday, September 20, 2010

fire and forums.

So sunday was pretty eventful, at 1:30 A.M. i was awakened by my "alarm clock". I tried to turn it off for about 5 minutes, pushing every button i could find until marissa elbowed me to let me know it was the fire alarm, apparently i jumped up and ran leaving her and jen behind. I remember nothing, but if there is ever a real fire i will die. Today was lame, no nap, govt forums suck and dinner was the worst yet. I love college? No. But i would never make it without my amazing friends here. Jen basically makes my day, never a dull moment with her. Best.Roommate.Ever. Jenna is the light of my life(: Never a negative thing to say, she finds the good in everything and everyone (outside of our dumb govt class). And Derek and Cory are weird but possibly the best "man frans" you could ever ask for. I love you guys(:

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