Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wacky wednesday.

First off I'd like to say WAY TO GO CORY for putting the sticker on jen's back..again. I laughed hysterically. Comp was pretty legit today, it only lasted 30 min. Everything at lunch looked digusting so i ate cinnamon toast crunch. nutrious lunch? Studied with Jenna for awhile and then went to panda express for REAL food. Bought a really pretty picture frame for me and david's picture. Got all my financial aid mess taken care of, so now i don't need a job and im stoked. 7 days till i see my parents(: Totally slept through the bacon text from Derek this morning, so i missed my daily dose of bacon. Completly forgot to go to BFC with cory, i am a jerk, i realize this but thanks for pointing it out cory. Looked at beautiful wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses online with Jenna, we got really excited(: Hopefully i get a letter form davidkyle tomorrow, i miss that kid): I might actually get in bed before 3 tonight which would be nice. I feel like im paying thousands of dollars to eat gross food and not sleep. So im gonna "kick this popsicle stand" as my comp prof would say.