Friday, September 24, 2010

why don't we just dance?

STATE FAIR TONIGHTTTTTT! I love Josh Turner:D And im eating a bunch of random fried foods tonight with Derek and Jennah. Woke up sick so i didnt make my meeting with Prof. Lee, but my amazing best friend Jenna took my assignment to him! Comp was legit! Only took like 30 min and there is no comp class on monday which means, i have no classs, well besides chapel! Got another amazing letter from davidkyle today! I miss him so much. Talked to his dad and sister, i'll be getting the graduation information tonight(: So excited. Got cory's hair cut yesterday, the lady was a rude butt. Had lucky charms for lunch! So excited about going home next weekend! I miss my parents and marissarae! Fan clubs should be outlawed. Bought some cranberry grape juice, its yummy. Tomorrow were going shopping and eating at panera. Calvary on sunday with Jennah. 35 days till i see david. :D


  1. Yay Panera! Yay You! Glad you are feeling better. Tonight is going to be funnn :)

  2. You know there's no chapel on mondays... and I want some panera too!! I was left alone today!

  3. We never ended up going to panara cory...chill!